The Comprehensive
Dental Continuum

The mouth is the
gateway to the body.

The Comprehensive Dental Continuum is committed to partnering with you toward the achievement of your goals and stated objectives for your dental practice.

Our in-office practice assessment provides feedback and insight into the current state of your practice in regard to the key concepts addressed in the 8 Point Practice Assessment©. This assessment identifies both strengths and weaknesses in the practice.

The Comprehensive Dental Continuum offers customized coaching plans to assist dentists in moving their practices to the next level.

8 Point Practice Assessment©

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    Public Perception

    How your practice is perceived is critical to attracting and maintaining patients who are committed to achieving optimal wellness and are willing to invest in that process.

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    Quality of Relationships

    Healthy, communicative relationships between physicians, patients, and office personnel form the basis for substantial growth and development.

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    Information Processing

    Efficient gathering and effective use of patient information is a necessary tool for selling products and services and ensuring that patients receive the best treatment available.

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    Patient Education

    Empowering patients to make informed decisions about their health improves treatment selection and outcomes.

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    Value creation

    Quality of life enhancement for your patients is a value-added proposition for both your staff and your patients.

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    Case Development

    Effective use of available systems and processes in treatment plan development saves time, improves treatment outcomes, and contributes to gains in revenue.

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    Case Presentation

    Presenting treatment plans in a way that helps patients understand the diagnosis and the efficacy and importance of corresponding treatment promotes patient buy-in.

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    Case Execution

    It is imperative that physicians stay abreast of current trends in dentistry and maintain a level of proficiency commensurate with excellence in the delivery of service that reflects positively on the field of dentistry and adequately meets and often surpasses patient needs.

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