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The days of dentistry as a disparate entity are over.

Dr. Hazel Glasper, leader of the “Teach Me Dental” movement, is redefining how the public understands and treats their dental health.

For many years, the focus of oral health has been on teeth or soft tissue. As physicians of the head and neck, dentists have the responsibility to adopt a comprehensive approach looking beyond the conventional processes of oral care, and considering the overall implications of both the oral and systemic health of our patients.

Committed to advancing the perception of oral health, Dr. Hazel Glasper founded a national oral health campaign, Teach Me Dental, and The Comprehensive Dental Continuum (TCDC), a consulting agency for dentists. Dr. Glasper’s training programs demonstrate methods to effectively educate patients, enabling a more complete approach to care and better patient experiences.


Empower patients to advocate for their health through a comprehensive and “wholistic” approach to dentistry while simultaneously increasing your value and their perception of dentistry. The Principles of Health, Function, and Aesthetics are the key to practice growth and define the role of dentistry in healthcare.

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We are committed to partnering with you toward the achievement of your goals and stated objectives for your dental practice. After identifying both strengths and weaknesses in your practice, the Comprehensive Dental Continuum offers customized coaching plans to assist dentists in moving their practices to the next level.

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Dr. Hazel Glasper

For more than 20 years, Dr. Glasper has inspired patients and audiences to be their own healthcare advocates through a comprehensive, holistic approach to dentistry. Her authentic, high-energy presentations encourage and guide professionals to achieve deeper personal satisfaction while embracing their ability to transform lives through comprehensive care.

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Dr. Glasper believes dentistry can determine and define our patient’s destiny towards excellent health. Gain a better understanding of what it means to practice Comprehensive Dentistry. She will show you how to navigate through common challenges such as insurance limitations, financing, customer service and staff relationships.

Our goal is to help you realize and reach yours.

  • Understand

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    what you did not think was important in dental school

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What People Are Saying
About Dr. Glasper

Revolutionary Approach

“I had the distinct pleasure of sharing a program with Dr. Glasper at the Robert T. Freeman Dental Society this year. I was impressed with Dr. Glasper’s unique approach to Dentistry and the fact that she treats the ‘total patient’ and collaborates with her patient’s physicians. As Dr. Glasper so eloquently put it, ‘Dentists are truly physicians of the head and neck’. I am excited about her revolutionary approach to the profession and would certainly recommend she teaches this approach to many other dentists.”

—Nora Davis;
Practice Management Consultant

Vision & Empowerment

“Dr. Glasper shared her message about the importance of comprehensive dental treatment and prevention with my students. She left an unforgettable impression, helping bring context to what they were learning through their coursework. She lifted their thinking from the usual scale and polish to provide them with an alternative way of thinking about their role as registered dental hygienists. She provided vision for my students and empowered them to think of themselves as someone who could save a life.”

—Joy D. Void-Holmes, RDH;
Hygiene Professor, Fortis College

Sell More Dentistry.
Save More Lives.

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